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HLTH 2018 Association Day: American Medical Women’s Association

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 | 11 am – 12pm
Revisioning Healthcare Through a Sex/Gender Lens

Sex and gender impact every aspect of our lives. Men and women interact uniquely with medications, equipment, and other technologies, yet we continue to create “one size fits all” products and expect similar results. This eye opening session will accelerate the translation of research into sex/gender-specific design elements for health and other technologies. A new paradigm in health is needed. Peer through the gender/sex lens to envision innovative solutions to improve health, personal safety and quality of life for men and women.


Saralyn Mark, MD

Saralyn Mark, MD is a world-renowned leader in women’s health and sex/gender-based innovation. She founded SolaMed Solutions, LLC, a boutique consulting firm, and iGIANT®, a nonprofit, to provide scientific and strategic direction and public outreach for agencies, academia, industry, professional and advocacy organizations. Dr. Mark has received numerous awards for her contributions to medicine, precision health, and emerging technologies. She holds 4 academic appointments including at Yale and Kings College-London and has published and delivered over 600 lectures. Dr. Mark is pioneering the development of gender/sex-specific products, programs, protocols, and policies to improve the lives of men and women around the globe and beyond.
Eliza Lo Chin, MD, MPH

Eliza Lo Chin, MD, MPH is the Executive Director of the American Medical Women’s Association and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. A graduate of UC Berkeley, she received her MD from Harvard Medical School and her MPH from Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health. She is the author of This Side of Doctoring: Reflections from Women in Medicine and was featured in the National Library of Medicine Exhibition, Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America’s Women Physicians. Dr. Chin has served as co-director of numerous national and international meetings, executive producer of the short film, At Home and Over There: American Women Physicians in World War I, and member of several advisory and editorial boards. She has also been a visiting scholar with the Women’s Leadership Institute of Mills College, recipient of AMWA’s Presidential and Bertha Van Hoosen Awards, California delegate to Vision 2020, fellow of the American College of Physicians, and fellow of AMWA.



About the American Medical Women’s Association


The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) is an organization that functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women’s health. For over a century, AMWA’s programs have provided leadership, advocacy, education, mentoring and strategic alliances. AMWA’s current focus is to promote sex and gender specific health through education and advocacy within all health professions. AMWA co-sponsored two landmark summits in 2015 and 2018 to incorporate these concepts into health education curriculum and has partnered with iGIANT® (impact of Gender/Sex on Innovation and Novel Technologies), a nonprofit with the mission to accelerate the translation of research into gender/sex-specific design elements across the health, IT, transportation and retail sectors. iGIANT® partners represent stakeholders in government, industry, academia and advocacy who engage through roundtables, summits, challenges, and an iGIANT® seal of approval.

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American Medical Women's Association

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