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Apply For A Peer Group Dinner

Providers, Payers, Employers and Pharma ONLY

HLTH will host a series of Peer Group Dinners on Monday, May 7 from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm (times may vary). These dinners bring together thoughtfully selected groups of 15-20 peers from established Payers, Providers, Employers, Pharma and, in some cases, leaders at successful startups.

Examples Attendance includes:

  • CEO
  • Marketing Leaders
  • Startup CEOs

The Peer Dinners format starts with a 30-minute networking reception followed by a 60-minute seated dinner, with the option for participants to stay later to continue networking. Each dinner will be facilitated by a respected industry executive–a HLTH Ambassador. While we will not require any prepared remarks or structured dialogue, the HLTH Ambassador will help guide interactions among all attendees and may lead group introductions. Each Peer Group Dinner will have a sponsor.

Invitations to these dinners are for Payers, Providers, Employers, Pharma and startups who have already registered for HLTH. If you would like more information on the HLTH 2018 Peer Group Dinners please email us at