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Payers, Providers & Employers


For payers, the future is uncertain given the new administration.  Whether payers will be able to grow through mergers or market expansions is unclear. The means to hold health care spending down to manageable levels remains elusive.  Attending HLTH will allow payers to share best practices and learn from those who are achieving profitability in this increasingly unsettled environment.


Providers are increasingly being compensated for results and outcomes, rather than procedures performed.  New trends and business models are rapidly transforming the ways consumers and their providers engage.  HLTH will be the place to hear about these new innovations, meet the people driving the discussion and learn about solutions assisting tomorrow’s providers today.


The average family premium cost shows no sign of slowing down with recent costs skyrocketing from $20,782 in 2012 to $25,826 in 2016.  Most employers are responding by aggressively reevaluating their health strategies. HLTH will introduce new products and models that will reduce costs and hopefully provide better services to today’s workers.

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