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Speaker FAQs

Your Presentation

Do I need to check in somewhere before I start speaking?

All speakers need to report to the Speaker Lounge 45 minutes prior to the overall start time of their session. From the Speaker Lounge you will be walked to the room that you are presenting in. Each speaker will receive a calendar invite prior to the show that provides information on where the Speaker Lounge is located and how to get there.


I can’t remember the date or time I am speaking. Where can I find this information?

All speakers can find the day and time they are speaking by visiting the agenda online.


I can’t remember my session topic and format. Where can I find this information?

Session topics and speakers are listed on the agenda online. For additional information on your session topic and the format, please contact the HLTH Content Team at


Will I be connected to the moderator or other speakers on my session prior to HLTH?

Yes, your interviewer or moderator will reach out to you 1-2 months in advance of the event to schedule time with you to discuss the session. If you are on a panel with other speakers, we ask that moderators organize a call that includes all panelists. If you are doing a standalone presentation or interview, your call will likely not include other speakers. We also ask interviewers and moderators to find a time to connect with their speakers onsite at HLTH so they are not meeting for the first time in the Speaker Lounge just before the session.


My session includes a presentation. When do I need to submit the presentation?

All presentations are due no later than Wednesday, April 25th, 2018. All presentations must be uploaded to our presentation software system. Details on how to upload your presentation will be sent to all speakers in April.


Will I be able to have a formal rehearsal?

Track speakers will not have formal rehearsals. Speakers are allowed to review their presentations in the Speaker Lounge at any time. Mainstage keynotes will have rehearsals.


What kind of microphones are available?

Microphones; wireless lavaliers, headsets and handheld mics are available as needed.


What happens if I go over the amount of time allocated to me on stage?

To stay on schedule, if a speaker goes over the allocated time of his or her presentation, there will be a ding played and the microphone will be cut off. We regret we cannot make any exceptions.


Will I have a clicker to advance my slides on stage?



Will there be confidence monitors?

Yes. There will be confidence monitors placed on the floor in front of you. Please be aware, presenter notes will NOT be displayed on the monitors.


Can I use my own computer to run the presentation?

We highly recommend that you run your presentation off of the computers that we provide (PCs and Macs are available) since all presentations are preloaded into our presentation software system. However if necessary, we will have connections available in the rooms to accommodate you running the presentation from your own computer. Please refer to the AV document for more details.


How will I know how much time I have left on stage?

There will be a large timer placed on the floor that will count down your time.


How will I be introduced to the stage?

The session moderator, interviewer or emcee will introduce all speakers with a very short bio written by the HLTH team–these bios are created to ensure consistency in terms of the length and content. There will be a caricature holding slide displayed as speakers are introduced.


How many people are expected to be in the room?

We are anticipating 250+ attendees in each of the track rooms.