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Main caricature of Chris Cutter, who is speaking at HLTH and is Founder & CEO at LifeDojo Inc. Overlay caricature of Chris Cutter, who is speaking at HLTH and is Founder & CEO at LifeDojo Inc.

Chris Cutter

Founder & CEO

LifeDojo Inc.

Chris Cutter is the Founder and CEO of LifeDojo, which offers employers, hospitals, schools and communities a universal health and wellbeing behavior change app and coaching system at 1/100th the cost of live interventions. LifeDojo now supports customers in 13 countries, offers 32 unique 3-month habit change programs covering both physical and mental health, and has worked with both Fortune 500 companies and small communities to show that you can achieve high enrollment, high sustained engagement, and population-wide behavior change that lasts.

Prior to LifeDojo, Chris was Founder and Executive Director of one of President Obama’s Promise Neighborhoods, which is a multi-year, large-scale public health and education initiative in high-risk New York City communities. These behavioral change programs demonstrated significantly improved outcomes through choice-based, self-determined interventions. LifeDojo was formed after realizing the costs of these live interventions inevitably led to ever-growing waiting lists of people who wanted to take advantage of these services, but funds could not cover it.

As CEO at LifeDojo, Chris continues to guide the strategy and vision, ensuring every client has the support they need to realize a better physical and emotional life. He received his M.S. from Washington University in Saint Louis, and lives with his wife and new baby boy in San Francisco, CA.