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Main caricature of Dr. Hitesh Tolani, who is speaking at HLTH and is CEO at Virtudent Overlay caricature of Dr. Hitesh Tolani, who is speaking at HLTH and is CEO at Virtudent

Dr. Hitesh Tolani



Dr. Hitesh Tolani is the Founder and CEO of Virtudent, America’s first commercial teledentistry practice. Through coupling telemedicine technologies that leverage dentists remotely, midlevel providers, and proprietary pop-up dental offices, Virtudent brings preventive dental care directly to patients. Through the use of teledentistry, the Virtudent model also separates the diagnosing provider and the treating provider, thereby removing any misaligned incentives that lead to overdiagnosis and overtreatment.  Virtudent’s model is designed to focus 100% on lowering costs, reducing iatrogenic care, and providing patients the transparency necessary to make more knowledgeable decisions regarding their healthcare. Virtudent positions itself as a workplace benefit that helps bring the dentists to busy employees at companies like Microsoft, Wayfair, Bluebird Bio, and American Well to name a few. The Virtudent model is also being used in the Medicaid and Safety Net populations at the Boys and Girls Clubs. The company has seen tremendous success in recapturing patients who haven’t been to the dentist on average in 5.8 years. This is critical progress in a $125B industry that hasn’t seen innovation in hundreds of years and today is grappeling with 40% of the U.S. population not accessing this basic healthcare need.

Dr. Tolani has been named Benco Dental’s 40 under 40 dentists for spearheading teledentistry in the U.S. He’s been a repeated lecturer at The Harvard School of Dental Medicine and has served on the faculty at The Forsyth Institute. Currently, Dr. Tolani serves on the faculty at Tufts School of Dental Medicine and as a visiting advisor at Harvard College in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Healthcare since 2015. Dr. Tolani graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and magna cum laude from Wofford College.