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Main caricature of Gary Morais, who is speaking at HLTH and is Managing Partner at Bottom Line Results LLC. Overlay caricature of Gary Morais, who is speaking at HLTH and is Managing Partner at Bottom Line Results LLC.

Gary Morais

Managing Partner

Bottom Line Results LLC.

Gary Morais is a business strategy consultant, psychotherapist, and the inventor of Performance Drives™ (Performance Thinking Algorithms ) and the 10Rule® Workforce Performance Transformation SaaS platform designed to measure, benchmark, hire and develop organizational talent, the key strategy of maximizing success for organizations by sustainably replicating the top 10% performance level of each employee that links to measurable bottom-line results.

Morais is the Chief Managing partner Bottom Line Results LLC., and a business strategist to CEO’s and President’s for over 25 years applying the 10Rule strategy and sustainable solutions. 10Rule’s® unique cognitive platform combines 15 years of empirical clinical performance solutions with 20 years of business strategy results and organizational development delivery processes into ONE powerful technology, streamlining the way C-level executives can provide sustainable profitable productivity. This technology provides cognitive root source data and solutions – filling the missing solutions gap between behavioral and physical wellbeing to increase human performance delivering a faster ROI.

In addition Morais has over 17 years of in private practice as a psychotherapist and expert in human behavior providing individual and corporate employee performance, wellbeing and resilience remediation’s. He also worked with MD’s helping their patients to reduce chronic health issues, get off medications, lower stress and back to better health and productivity.

Morais holds a US Patent – System and Method for Productivity Thinking Code Level Evaluation. Based on the Performance Thinking Algorithm that impacts human performance capabilities – Organizational Development.

Morais has consulted in numerous industries such as, Healthcare, Hospitality and Resorts, Finance, Banking, Construction, Transportation (Airlines), Restaurants, Technology, Services, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Electronics as well as others.