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Main caricature of Jason Haider, who is speaking at HLTH and is Founder and CEO at Xenco Medical Overlay caricature of Jason Haider, who is speaking at HLTH and is Founder and CEO at Xenco Medical

Jason Haider

Founder and CEO

Xenco Medical

Jason Haider is the Founder and CEO of Xenco Medical, leading the company’s efforts in developing the first entirely disposable spinal implant system made from a reinforced composite polymer instead of metal. During Jason Haider’s time as CEO, Xenco Medical has pioneered a new category of surgical implant systems with its sterile-packaged spinal implants pre-attached to disposable delivery instruments. Outperforming reused implant systems in consistency, the risk of pathogen transmission, and in eliminating the expensive processes associated with the sterilization and transport of reprocessed instruments and implants, Xenco Medical’s devices have been found to save hospitals 900 to 1100 dollars per surgery. Mr. Haider has been credited with breaking new ground in healthcare logistics by eliminating the hospital sterilization process for implant systems. Mr. Haider also created the company’s presence in specialized surgical markets through the development of Xenco Medical’s ASC CerviKit platform for ambulatory surgery centers and the company’s TraumaGPS mobile application for real-time delivery monitoring of Xenco Medical’s emergency implant deliveries. Jason Haider has been a guest lecturer for several years on medical device development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has served as an industry mentor to its Medical Device Design course 2.75. Mr. Haider earned his Bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude, from Cornell University.