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Main caricature of Sumit Nagpal, who is speaking at HLTH and is Chairman and Co-Founder at Carefully, Inc. Overlay caricature of Sumit Nagpal, who is speaking at HLTH and is Chairman and Co-Founder at Carefully, Inc.

Sumit Nagpal

Chairman and Co-Founder

Carefully, Inc.

Sumit Nagpal, FHIMSS is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on disruptive digital health innovation. He has co-founded and grown five companies over the past two and a half decades that have tackled progressively bolder challenges facing our healthcare economies. He now joins Accenture as Managing Director, leading digital health strategy across global markets.

Sumit “grew up in healthcare,” as his family’s business designed, financed, staffed, equipped, established policies and procedures and helped operate very large private and public sector hospitals and health systems across Asia and the Middle East. Sumit began his career working with Steve Jobs and NeXT, Inc., when he learned how to abstract extremely complex problems and systems down to their essence. Trained as a software developer, Sumit also learned how to architect extremely large-scale systems to meet the needs of Fortune 100 clients. This was the genesis of Sumit’s approach of “design-led engineering” to imagine engaging, innovative, and incredibly simple solutions that made very complex processes approachable. If Sumit were not so inspired by technology, he would have become a clinician: he is often told that he credibly “plays one on TV.”

In 1993, Sumit brought together his passion for healthcare and his deep technical knowledge to launch his first company that created one of the industry’s earliest longitudinal health records “inside the four walls” of individual hospitals. The next generation of Sumit’s work then joined up workflows and patient information across multiple organizations, and enabled remote consultations as though patients were present locally; this was all before broadband, before the Internet were ingrained into our societies as we know today. The next iteration of Sumit’s work “connected all of healthcare” to integrate patient information from regional and national imaging centers, laboratories, pharmacies, and other trading partners with records from provider organizations to create regional health information sharing networks. This work eventually led to a focus on health outcomes and cost. Sumit sold this company to diagnostics supplier Alere (now a part of Abbott) to bring connected health solutions to market that integrated traditional data sources with medical device data in community and patient home settings. The work also focused on chronic conditions to enable patients to better care for themselves under the supervision of their providers. Sumit then co-founded his next company, LumiraDx, where he worked with his partners to further disrupt diagnostic-led care.

More recently, Sumit co-founded his most ambitious venture, CareFully, with a trio of industry leaders, to fully realize the vision of a hospital alternative at home (“Hospital @ Home”). By helping architect care pathways, payment models, technology, health care services, logistics, and turnkey operations to enable acute care to be delivered safely and far more cost-effectively in patient homes, CareFully obviates the need for expensive and risky hospitalizations all while improving care and enhancing the patient, family, and care-provider experience.

As CareFully incubates, Sumit is thrilled to join Accenture to put his experience to work with at scale, leading Accenture’s digital health strategy across global markets.